Are You Prepared for the Next Big Earthquake in Alaska?

I jumped out of bed early this morning at 01:30 as the cabin violently swung from side-to-side in what was the biggest earthquake I had ever felt. Running down the spiral stairs, I gathered up under one arm all of the clothes that I had laid on the back of the couch next to the front door but then the tremors stopped.

Was I prepared? Somewhat. Sure, I would be warm enough with those clothes, even on a January day in Alaska, and, luckily, I had extra supplies stored in the sheds for just such an emergency. But I realized that I had very limited food that did not require heating or more preparation than I would have been able to undertake had the cabin collapsed.

How prepared were you? Please see this earthquake preparedness document and leave me a comment below. I would love to know how you think you would have done in such a situation.


One thought on “Are You Prepared for the Next Big Earthquake in Alaska?

  1. Thanks for sharing your story.
    Last night’s earthquake has made most of us stop and re-think our emergency plans. I realized that my weak area is that our plan very much depends on my amazingly capable husband. I thought about it all day. If he had been injured (or worse) in that quake, what would I do? We are talking about it now and making sure we have plans that cover all possible scenarios.


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