2nd Su Valley Emergency Preparedness Fair on May 5th, 2018

Willow CERT hosted the 2nd Su Valley Emergency Preparedness Fair on May 5,th 2018. The theme of this free, family-friendly event was:  Be Aware and Prepare!


More than 30 exhibitors displayed and demonstrated valuable information regarding safety and emergency preparedness at the Willow Community Center.

This exciting event featured many hands-on, educational activities for all ages. It was especially gratifying to see the children engaged with the informative, enjoyable exhibits.

Inside exhibits included avalanche awareness, aviation safety, wilderness first aid, hands only CPR, signing up for free smoke alarm installation, planning for pets in a disaster, storing food for emergencies, wildfire prevention, earthquake preparedness, developing a personal emergency plan and much more.

Outside, the Willow, Caswell and West Lakes Fire Departments demonstrated safe use of burn barrels, issued burn permits and provided information about how to make our property and homes safer from fires.

Willow and Caswell Fire Dept. also  set up a landing zone outside for a Lifemed helicopter to land and educate people about how evacuations for a medical emergency are accomplished.

MAT SAR Search and Rescue displayed their communication trailer and a team of trained dogs to demonstrate how they search for lost people.

Safe boating and “Josh the Otter” presented vital information about water safety for children and adults.

Willow CERT had an exhibit teaching about how quickly we lose our abilities with cold water immersion. Many brave people sank their hands in a 5 gallon bucket of ice water to learn how difficult it was to retrieve coins from on the bottom.

Bloodbank of Alaska Bloodmobile reported that donations received from  volunteers and attendees at this Fair were sufficient to potentially save 36 Alaskan lives.

This important event was sponsored by AARP, Mat Su Borough Emergency Services Dept, Mat Valley Federal Credit Union and MTZ tools.

Willow CERT will host the next Su Valley Emergency Preparedness Fair in 2020.

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