CERT class from Talkeetna

Upper Susitna Valley Takes the Leap

Over weekends, 14 members of 3 different communities participated in and graduated from the 20 hr Basic CERT training program.  Folks from Talkeetna, Sunshine, Caswell, Willow and Wasilla came together to learn the skills that will help them and their

communities when disaster strikes.  Students learned skills in preparedness, fire safety, medical operations, light search and rescue, disaster psychology, terrorism and CERT structure.  On the final day they had the opportunity to practice the skills learned.  We are excited to see where this new Upper Su CERT team will go.  They have already secured a Sponsor.  A huge shout out “Thank You” to the groups that helped make this happen.  Upper Susitna Senior Center, Sunshine Community Health Center, Red Cross, the MatSu Borough and of course Willow CERT for pulling it all together. 

Sunshine Community Health Center provided 10 of their staff to be victims of a tour bus accident.  The accident make up combined with a real bus added to the students experience.


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