WillowCERT Newsletter

CERT Basic Training – Willow Style

Willow CERT completed its first ever 20 hr Basic CERT Training.  32 students, ranging in age from 1 to 78.  Wonderful group, very honored to have them participate.  Highlight of graduation was the support from our local and state government officials, Borough Assemblyman -Randall Kowalke, Borough Director of Emergency Services – Otto Feather, Borough Emergency Program Manager – Casey Cook and a representative from the Alaska Dept of Public Safety representing the Governors office – Hans Brinke.  Thank you to all the students, victim volunteers for our exercise, to our current CERT team, our sponsors MTA,MEA, MVFCU, WACO, Red Cross, LEPC, Willow Fire, our CERT liasion Heather Ridge and Casey Cook who believed in us.

 Trunk or Treat

Willow CERT worked to promote safety in the parking lot for a fantastic trunk or treat at the Willow Community Center for the 3rd year.  Thanks to the Willow Library, Fire Dept,  EMS all the wonderful community members that make this a fun and safe night for the families.

Field Trip to LDS Food Storage

 Willow C.E.R.T. was invited to participate in a tour of the L.D.S. food warehouse on Bodenburg Loop in Palmer. We were joined by other C.E.R.T. members from other parts of the borough. They came from the borough team and the Wasilla team was there as well. Roger, one of our hosts, explained that the L.D.S. warehouse was required to keep and maintain a ham radio station at the warehouse by the church. We were given a short tour of the facility and the history of the farm. After this, we were invited to shop at the store that is open to anyone.   By Mark Allan

Willow CERT participates at Thanksgiving Blessing

While most of the the Willow CERT team spent their Satuday working at the training class one lone CERT member volunteered his time helping at the annual Thanksgiving Blessing hosted at the Methodist Church.

Matanusk-Susitna Borough Recognized citizens for CERT

On Dec 6, Otto Feather, Director of Emergency Services, attended the WACO meeting to recognize two of the members who have made significant contributions to the Borough’s emergency preparedness programs.  Kathy Watkins and Brenda McCain were both awarded Challenge Coins for their contributions.



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